Day 29 and 30...

After being house-bound for two days straight, working on my #366Faces TinyBagsofLove photoshoot, I finally had the chance to get out and breathe in the ocean air with my hubby and big-little girl and see this blue sky.  My heart is overwhelmed and celebrating today.  

Popped back the next day to buy some beloved and much needed coffee pods. 

Waterfront Bliss

Waterfront Bliss

I can't not take a picture of this wheel.

I can't not take a picture of this wheel.

Day 23...


This building is where I'm having my first ever exhibition in just over a weeks time and today I spent the whole day doing final arrangements, picking up my last framed piece, booking my catering, picking up my wine and ordering my wine glasses and booking my art photographer.

I'm getting so nervous and excited all at the time same.


Day 22...

If you know anything about me, you will know how much I love old churches and old buildings.  I think it might be one of the reasons why I love Italy so much.  This beautiful old church is down our main road and I literally get to drive past her around 4 times a day, sometimes more.  She's a like a beacon for me, a touchstone.  If I look up I can see her peaking through the trees.  It never gets tired.

I just love that.

  I haven't gone inside yet... I think I would love to.  But for now... her mystery captivates me completely.


Day 21...

This little boy almost broke my heart today.

We found him crying outside Corks bedroom door.  He is always a little a miss when someone in the house is missing and he is clearly feeling her absence.  He's such a sensitive little soul.  He is her dog and it's a big hole in her heart too to be so far away from him.


Day 20...

I started my day off with a beautiful yoga class, followed by a deep physio session.  Both are helping my shoulder heal.  For the first time in 3 weeks, the pain has lifted and the relief is amazing.  It means I can start heading back into my studio soon so I'm starting to feel encouraged.  I'm still going carefully though.

I love the depth of serenity in this capture

Day 10...


It's the day before schools go back.  And I spent the whole day with my Kitty girl.  I took her for a hair cut, picked up her stationery and textbooks for the new school year, did some last minute shopping together (January sales) and I found these cute sandals.  After that we headed out for our last holiday lunch together.

These beautiful days we get to do this are so sacred to me.  We spoke about continuing these beautiful traditions when she's an adult... that I will fetch her and take her out for lunch and a spot of shopping.  I guess no matter how old you get, that's always a treat.

I will love that.