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DAILY CLASS - 1st May 2018

                                                                   Register Now - $75

The emphasis of this class will very definitely be around learning together.

I am on a learning journey too and I thought this would be a fun way to learn.

To me the greatest way of learning anything new is through daily repetition and peer learning.


Images courtesey of Pintrest

So for the month of May 2018, I will be attempting #AClayFaceADay.

My objective will be for the soul purpose of improving how to sculpt my clay faces.  I am hoping to improve my details, expressions and skills and I'm hoping to do that together with YOU.

 I'm committing to do this daily practice for just one month.

#31FacesinClay in May 2018

I will be filming each day, sharing my discoveries and challenges, I am hoping we can walk along side each other and learn together.  We will look at the basics of the face, study references and other artists who have had victory over their clay faces and add elements and interesting things on each one as we find our own way together.

Class : 31 Lessons

This is a month long class and lessons will be loaded up daily and all videos will be downloadable.

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie xoxox

Register Now - $75


I know through daily practice we learn to let go and find ways of being more expressive as we get a little braver everyday.  The discipline of daily work will change you from the inside out.


Supply List

Our supplies list will be organic and small and it will be about finding your story with what you have around you and inside you. 

Paper Clay of your choice

Basic Clay Tools


Organic Materials - sticks, shells, teabags etc.