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The work I'm currently doing has felt deeply personal and I'm still processing a lot of it.  I am finding very interesting and I'm loving the outcome.  The collage, textures and layers are also things I am exploring, loving and I hope to share my creative discoveries with you.

I'm calling my workshop - Exploring and Expanding


Together we will create 3 complete journal spreads using our creative portraits, in graphite, liquid graphite and charcoal.  It will be about finding your soulful story in amongst the creative layers and textures with what you have around you and inside you.  I hope you will join in and journey together with me as we create and find our story through the imagery and stories buried within us.

We will spend a bit of time creating quick and easy portraits, our own ephmera and print medias and finding ways to combine and use our own layers to tell our story.

Class :  self paced, unlimited access.

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie xoxox

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This is a self-paced class and all videos will be downloadable.

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Supply List

Our supplies list will be small and limited and using what you have around you and inside you. 

Journal / paper/ Canvas

Rice Paper, thin Sandwich wrap, Tracing paper



Print media

Paints/liquid graphite/charcoal/Ink - medium of choice



Mark Making Tools

Acrylic Paints - Buff/White/Paynes Grey/Black/Blue