Held - Closing.jpg

Thank you so much for being here with me and for me.  Your love and support has carried me through this year.  I learnt so much in sharing my process and creative life with you. 

Thank YOU for giving me this platform.


To my friends that helped me along the way.  You really helped me not give up on the hard days, especially near the end.  To other friends that helped me source reference books and art supplies from afar.  You all know who you are. I couldn't have done this class without you.  To the encouragers, thank you!

Of course, as always I want to thank my teachers, peers and the incredible resources that have helped me through the years.  The knowledge is all mingled together and sometimes I can't tell them apart but it is a well of abundance that I get to draw from to create and share.  Thank you if you have been part of that.

I hope I continue to expand this well and I hope in some small way, I can be that for you too.

Love, Jeanne-Marie


Closing with Gratitude