I found this inspiring video the other day on Facebook.  Taking a Polaroid / Instax picture in the mundane of everyday life is harder than you think.  I have tried it for two years running and have been unsuccessful to complete one full year.  That being said, although I didn't finish those two years of trying, I did end up with way more images and moments than if I hadn't tried.  

I found it challenging to sustain but I'm so inspired by the concept of achieving it. 

There is a beautiful StoryTelling element to this concept and I know it's something I want to capture.  How truly remarkable to leave this Story of Life.

Check out the visual log of these images - http://hughcrawford.com/photo-of-that-day-flat


It makes me appreciate this man's journey so much more and how second nature it was for him to capture daily moments.  I know I can do it with my mobile phone but doing it with an instant film camera seems so much harder.  It feels more like an occasion than a moment.  So for me it's a mind-shift that needs to happen.

Figuring out that it's often in the small moments accumulated that makes for a beautiful life.

It's to help see those small moments.

The Art of Intention


Stealing quiet.jpg

I know when I make the decision to step out of the door with the intention of capturing Beautiful,  I never come home disappointed.  It is in the silent moments of being slow enough to seek and find what's in your lens. 

It's when you find beautiful surprises that you would have otherwise missed.  Like finding your elongated cast shadow as the sun rises or sunrays peeking through the window when you are taking a nap.


Seek and you will find... because he who seeks - finds
— Matt 7:7 - Bible

Like with drawing, painting and life, living intentionally comes with many beautiful gifts that help feed our souls and help our artist-selves grow and mature into greater creative beings. 

We need to take a moment to breathe, a moment to see and a moment to capture.


Set Intentions

I knew I wanted to go back to Italy specifically to take pictures and I knew Venice needed to be filmed in monochromatic.  I went prepared with my black and white cartridge... and I wasn't wrong.

Not only did it feed my soul at the time, but I continue to linger in these images and as they are reminders of a time in that ancient place and indulgent time.  I also have this milky, old-worldy keepsake of it, that I get to share with others.

Capturing a momentary atmosphere in a unique way.


Lomography Toys

I am a total gadget junkie. 

Of course, Lomography is able to tick all those gadget boxes, big time.  It appeals to the gadget and technical side of me.  It's where I go to fill my love tank when my creative mojo is low and this slow play usually helps me find my way back to my paints.

 Instax Mini 8/9

Instax Mini 8/9

 Instax Printer with Mobile phone

Instax Printer with Mobile phone

 Black & White Cartridge

Black & White Cartridge

 Color Cartridge

Color Cartridge


Lesson 1 - Equipment


Lesson 2 - Printer

Now what?

Now that we have all these beautiful little treasure what do we get to do with them?

That's a big question for me and of course I have been playing with many ideas.  From putting them into journals and albums and keeping them around for people to see. 

Here are some of the things I've done with mine.


Lesson 3 - Ideas for your Keepsakes


Reflection and Gratitude

Find delight in the small things.

I remember stumbling across Hailey's story a few years ago.  I know she started something beautiful here and has helped many people to find a life of enough.

Through gratitude in the small things and collecting them up, she found abundance.

I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t been looking
— Hailey Bartholomew

Some of us from class are doing this project together and we are calling it #365TinyCapture. Feel free to jump on board and join us even if you can only commit to 31days.  It's still better than no days.  It because a delightful habit and a beautiful discovery of enough.

 Daily captures of Love, Life and Everything Else.

Daily captures of Love, Life and Everything Else.