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The past while I've come across two artists who I believe have studied emotion and whose work have totally captivated me.  I want to look deep into their work and perhaps their minds.  It is work that I don't always find "pretty" but I recognise that they have captured deep emotion that has left me a little changed, a little uncomfortable but always deeply moved.

I want to move towards tapping into this level of emotion in my own life so that it comes through in my work.

 Safet Zec - Musee de l'Hospice Comtesse

Safet Zec - Musee de l'Hospice Comtesse

 Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz

Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz

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I believe we must look to the Masters to learn and to keep learning.  It's not something I've always done but it's something I've been doing the past few years.  Sometimes searching and researching can hold me captive for days on end and my library is growing.  

Kathe Kollwitz

I have struggled for weeks to get my hands on this book, Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz but I did eventually find it on Amazon.  I managed to find a second hand copy.  When I looked a while back, they were out of publication but I keep looking because they pop up.   I have also created a Pinterest board of some of her incredible works for you.


Her drawings with graphite and charcoal are enough and deeply moving.  They fade out and feel almost incomplete but it is more than enough for me grasp her story.    I love how she captures the tender MotherLove but at the same time can capture pain and anguish in loss, death and starvation, like nothing I've seen before.


Her wood prints and ink works are out of this world and I love the depth in their darkness.


This is my all time favourite piece of Kathe Kollwitz - it's called The Widow 1.  I love the simplicity of her and yet there is so much tenderness and movement to her.  I feel her sorrow.  She's captured her emotion perfectly.  That to me is the greatest gift to be able to make someone feel that.

I am blown away and I know I want to create that level of moving art.  I can't wait to study her work more and her life and I look forward to see what comes out for me here.

I think she is rather remarkeable.

Safet Zec

There is nothing in terms of books that I can recommend for Safet Zec via Amazon but I see some of his books might be available from his website.   I also made a board for you on Pinterest of his works.  

I was lucky enough to go to stumble upon his book and live exhibition when I was in Venice.  I saw a poster of one of his paintings of hands and it allured me in.  We walked for a while until we found this old church with the most incredible music playing in the background with these massive artworks hanging in the foreground.

The exhibition and display was breathtaking.


His multilayer work on newsprint and mixed media is astounding.


Look under his recents works on his website and see his pieces on hands, embraces and buildings.


I love how I can see the newsprint / collage underneath.  I would love to understand his process.


I love how he makes ordinary objects like a bed look emotional.  He has studied movement, hands and fabric. I had the privilege of seeing his work books and journals in person and I have never quite seen anything like it.

To me he is a living Master.  


I am so grateful to have stumbled across this moment in time.

What stands out to me about both these two artists, that have spoken such deep emotional tenderness to me is their use of hands in their work.  They are so expressive, moving and dramatic.  These gestures of turned faces and expressive hands captures so much emotion and is to me ultimate story telling.