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I am totally in love with the tender bond between women... whether it is be between MotherDaughterLove, SisterLove or FriendshipLove - the connection intrigues me.


I don't think I will ever stop painting this theme.  It is so dear to my heart, being a Mom to two girls who hold my whole heart, it comes up for me often.  I can't remember when exactly I started painting MotherDaughterLove pieces but it's been a love thing ever since.

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Madonna - The Ultimate MotherLove Story

Having been to Italy a few times, it's hard not to to be captivated by The Madonna.  She is the ultimate mother of mothers.  She's everywhere and she epitomises MotherLove, which of course just speaks straight into my heart.


MotherDaughterLove - Togetherness

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.56.22 PM.png

Lesson 1 - MotherLove #1 DrawingUp

Music - Moonlight - Grace van der Walt


Lesson 1 - MotherLove #1 Painting

Music - Older - Birdy, Fast Car - Jasmine Thompson,The Secret Life of Daydreams - Jean-Yves Thibaudet, End Credits (Pride and Prejudice) - Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Liz on top of the World - Jean-Yves Thibaudet


Lesson 1 - MotherLove #1 Finishing

Music - Words - Birdy, Silhouette - Birdy


"... women pass on from mother to daughter a heredity far more real than anything shown on the traditional male genealogical table.  Every woman feels it when she looks back at her mother or forward to her daughter.  It expresses itself at an everyday level of practical caring and at a deeper level of emotional self-identification and wholeness.  But, above all, it is a teacher of love - the first teacher and the most important, from which all other love stems."


- Rachel Billington, b. 1942, From "The Great Umbilical"

Now that we have done our own rendition of The Madonna inspired MotherLove, I was hoping to capture my own MotherLove piece that shows tender connectivity.


Lesson 2 - MotherLove #2 Drawing up

Music - King of Pain - Alanis Morissette, Not Today - Imagine Dragons, I Can't Make You Love Me_Nick Of Time - Bon Iver


Lesson 2 - MotherLove #2 Painting

Music - Dawn - Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Poison and Wine - Civil Wars, Need You Now [Acoustic] - Lady Antebellum, Into Temptation - Crowded House

I knew I wanted to add color to this piece.

And green seems to be my go to color this year.  I've been desperate to see the color all around me.  I think it has something to do with the drought we are having.  I worked in layers by first adding Monstera leaves to my piece.  Then I packed it away for a while and then added flowers and marks.


I love where we ended with each other in the end.

I wasn't enjoying the brown muted tones and I was thrilled to add color and more interest to this piece.


I must say, I left doing this section to the very end because I knew this would be the the heaviest part of my class.   I felt a bit overwhelmed by it because some of you had written to me about your own sister stories.



I know we all have our own sister story.

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't have their own sister story that doesn't come with a little pain.  What I do know is that the bond is deep and some of the wounds can last a lifetime. 

When I look at my daughters' relationship, I can see how much they love and need each other and yet at the same time how much they wound each other.  

How will their love stand the test of time?  I know they won't survive without each other, even though they think they can stand alone.


Whether we have sisters or not, often we inherit sisters along the way... SoulSisters.  They come to us in our lives when we require them the most.  I have collected many SoulSisters through my life, some that are there just for a season and some that have stood the test of time.


 I am so grateful for all of those special encounters.

Whatever our story is with our sisters or our SoulSisters, I know there is a deep longing in all of us to be close and have that forever connected relationship because at the core of us, we know we kind of need each other even though at times we hurt one another.

I know for me, I have been painting this story for a while now, maybe it has to do with my own girls and maybe the sister connections I've had in my life and with my own sister.

I encourage you to paint your story.

Picasso Inspired

I love Picasso and I love this reference.  I see SisterLove here and I have shared my rendition of this inspired piece.  I started with a red canvas and allowed my blue Stabilo to lead the way.


What you will need to begin:

  • Stretched Canvas
  • Pyrolle Red Deep
  • Blue Stabilo Pencil
  • Warm Grey / Titan Buff
  • Paynes Grey

Brushes Used:

  • Catalyst #2
  • Catalyst #4

Lesson 3 - SisterLove - Part I

Music - Bensound

I wasn't sure how I was going to complete their story.

Thank you for giving me the holidays to recover and a bit of space to find their ending together. At the start of this year I started doing my 365TinyCaptures Project and it has been helping inspire me back to seeking and finding.  This past month I have been so captivated by all the flowering trees in my neighbourhood, one of them being the Frangipani or Plumeria.  I have included them as part of their story.

Besides the two of them and the color red, I didn't have a plan for this painting.  I allowed the canvas and them to lead me and allowed myself to move through each new moment of the piece.

I love where we are going and where we will end together.


What you will need to begin:

Brushes Used:

  • Catalyst #2/0
  • System 3 Filbert #6
  • Flat square #8 (Background)
  • Pyrolle Red Deep
  • Blue Stabilo Pencil / White NeoColor
  • Warm Grey / Ivory White
  • Venetian Rose
  • Naples Yellow / Yellow Ochre
  • Light Kings Blue
  • Paynes Grey


Lesson 3 - SisterLove - Part II

Music - Duet - Rachel Yamagata, The Devil's Tears - Angus & Julia Stone, What if I leave - Rachel Yamagata, Breathe - Rhodes, White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane, Sylvester Stallone - Angus & Julia Stone


The symbolism behind the Frangipani is strength to withstand tough challenges and intense love and a lasting bond between two people. - Flowermeaning.com

How perfect for SisterLove

I am so drawn to their scent and simply elegant beauty.

I wasn't sure I could paint them.  They look deceptively easy to paint but I was challenged for sure.

I am so thrilled I got to include them in this story of SisterLove.


Lesson 3 - SisterLove - Part III - Painting Frangipanis

Music - Better - SYML, Naive - Sleeping at Last, 100Suns - 30Seconds, Hurt for Me - SYML, Paper Aeroplane - Angus & Julia Stone


As I'm getting older, this is something I am loving and appreciating so much in my own life.  The power of SoulSister Connections.  It's a beautiful thing and I want to paint it.  I wanted to end off this section of TenderTogetherness with this bonus painting of a large FriendshipLove piece bringing everything we have learnt together. 

This is a tribute to say thank you to YOU... for your friendship, for your love but more than anything else, for the sense of Community.  This incredible place that we love and support each other has given me the courage to keep sharing and keep showing up and helps make me a better artist every single day.

Thank You!



Lesson 5 - FriendshipLove - Drawing up

Music - [Chicane] Saltwater- Chicane ft. Maire Brennan, Paradis Perdus - Christine and the Queens


Due to the size of this painting I had to break up the filming and videos.  I spent around 5 days on this piece so the footage and editing was intense.  


FriendshipLove - Painting Faces #1

It was a rough start.  My canvas was tough and my paints were a bit sticky.  The seasons are changing here and with the lack of rain, I'm finding my paints are a little different.  We eventually found our way and I love who showed up.


Lesson 5 - FriendshipLove - Painting Faces #1

Music - C'est La Mort - Civil wars, Truth - Balmorhed, Beautiful Lies - Birdy


FriendshipLove - Painting Faces #2


I loved finding these next 3 faces and I love their closeness to one another.  My paints played nicely and I focused on keeping it loose and expressive.  I loved playing with the shadows on the side of their faces.

What you will need to begin:

Paints - Paynes Grey, Light Kings Blue, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Venetian Rose, Perm Red Light, Titan Buff & Warm Grey.

Other - Neocolors - white & vermillion red, Blue Stabilo

Brushes - Catalyst #4, Large Flat Square Brush, Raphael Round Tip #2


Lesson 5 - FriendshipLove - Painting Faces #2

Music - Photograph - Ed Sheeran, Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies, Midnight - Coldplay, Dancing on my Own - Calum Scott, Words as Weapons - Birdy


Lesson 5 - FriendshipLove... Details

Music - Lag Fyrir Ömmu - Ólafur Arnalds, Ljósið - Ólafur Arnalds, Loftið Verður Skyndilega Kalt -  Ólafur Arnalds

After I had done all the details on this piece and while I was busy editing my Painting Faces #1 video, I realised I didn't like what I thought was my finished piece.  It felt  too busy and a bit... can I say it... childlike and stylised and not as serene or serious as it was when I first started out.  I knew I had to go back and find that.

  That being said, the detail work wasn't in vain - it helped me find my way and having pushed them back into the background and peaking through has added interest to this piece for me.

As hard as it was to be this vulnerable and share my full process with you, I did thoroughly love the journey.  I loved each stage, the good with the bad.  I know we aren't finished yet but I am much happier.


Lesson 5 - FriendshipLove - FinishingUp

Music - Magic - Jasmine Thompson


It was challenging for me to allow you to see my struggles, my ugly stages and the moments of anxiety and stress I felt through this piece.  I want to say, trust the ugly stage.  It is something I am finding slightly easier to do, the longer I do it.  It feels almost like a necessary step than a terrible thing.  Digging deep is where we learn new skills and push to new levels.

I love their TenderTogetherness and it was what I was hoping to achieve. I wanted to tell this story with grace and love and I think I have found that in the end. 

Thank you for journeying with me through this piece.