{Held}Captive... Lights, Camera, Action...

I have been playing #inmystudio and working everyday since I settled down from America and I have to say I'm in a good studio space.  I love my studio so much.   I have spent the better part of this year working on my technical kit (lighting, tripod and camera arm), my creative space practically and virtually.  I know it's a process and these things take time and I've been working and improving on this for around 2 years and I continue to do so.  I got advice from film industry/photographer friends as well as from Robin when I was in Oregon and Ivy and Chris Newport's class Lights, Camera, Art.  Thank you all for your invaluable info and advice.  Digz and my Dad will help me with some further rigging in October... but for now my lighting and set up has improved my filming process dramatically.

I'm one happy girl.

Having improved lighting and a beautiful space has made my painting time so much more enjoyable and I'm having a ball and I'm so excited to be filming and sharing more of my process, it seems to have released something inside.

I am still running my early bird special on my new class so don't forget to sign up.


"Finding and capturing emotional tenderness in your paint, clay and creative process."

Much love, always,

Jeanne-Marie xoxoxo


Finding togetherness...

I started this draw up the other day and I had some left over Olive Green, Paynes Gray and Warm Grey left on my palette and that started my background of this piece... it was enough to get me going and excited to start working here.  I am so glad I did.  I'm having the best time with these two.  I'm loving the play on the eyes... like the middle eye could belong to either of them for an instant, like they are one in the same but not either.  They feel deeply connected.

"Seeing through your eyes"


I'm not sure where we are heading quite yet but I'm enjoying the journey.  On my way home from work yesterday, I got some ideas of how I would like to finish this piece... let's hope I can do that.  

I am loving filming and editing as I go.  I can't wait to share more about that.

Now to just get through this work day so I can get back to my studio.

Have a beautiful day. xoxox

Let's Face It...

I've been editing and final filming for my main lesson for Let's Face It.  It's been 'head down' and 'deep' in the editing mode all week and I'm happy to say my lesson has been uploaded.  So I'm sorry I've been rather quiet this week.


Thank you Kara for this amazing experience and wonderful opportunity to teach with you and other incredible teachers on Let's Face it.

I did the bulk of my filming and painting before I left for America and I love that I shared this piece with you.  It being so much about what I hope to be sharing in my new class.  I didn't plan that at all and I just love the synergy in that.

I hope you love my lesson as much as I did sharing it.

I know my lesson goes live in about a week or so and I'm here if you need anything.

Much love, Me.

Finding and sharing vulnerability...

I have been so excited about my new class and sharing about it.  I have been receiving the most incredible email responses regarding the theme... {Held}Captive.  I can't tell you how much this means to me.  It's been on my heart to share for about a year and I have been doubting myself but the emails have been a sort of confirmation and I've been so overwhelmed by that.

That being said, I do believe things happen right when they are meant to and I guess I'm finally ready and perhaps now is more the right time.


My heart is overflowing with excitement!

I will continue to share parts of my filming journey with you over the next couple of months.  Thank you for sharing the love and for the sign ups this past week or so.  And of course... I'm excited to be painting and filming again.  My lesson plans are mapped out and filming has commenced.

I'm overjoyed.

My early bird special is still running for another month.

Much love Jeanne-Marie


I'm so excited to share that I drew my 3 lucky winners for my new class {Held}Captive.


Thank you for sharing my post and for signing up.  I spent a good few hours collecting all the names from the shares and sign ups and I put them onto a numbered list on excel, then I used Random.org number generator to select my 3 numbers.


  1. Camilla Ollson
  2. Susanna E Lane
  3. Lindy Stockton


I so loved doing that and I wish I could have done more draws, it was hard to narrow it down to only three.

And for now... I look forward to class.



"This Place is our Shelter and I'll keep you Safe"...

I promise you I’ll keep you safe
You’ll be an architect so pull up your sleeves
And build a new silhouette
In the skylines up ahead
Don’t be, don’t be afraid
Our mistakes they were bound to be made
But I promise you I’ll keep you safe

As you build up your collection
Of pearls that you pulled from the deep
A landscape more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen
The sound of the branches breaking under your feet
The smell of the falling and burning leaves
The bitterness of winter
Or the sweetness of spring
You are an artist
And your heart is your masterpiece
And I’ll keep it safe.

Words from Sleeping at Last, I'll keep you Safe.



I'm utterly in love with this preciousSoul.

I love how she's looking at me and of course I love her mouth.  I've been working on this skill.  I love her buildings and the stories they hold... there is history in her body and buildings and face. We continue to journey together as we find our way with her paint colors.

The time and work it takes for these precious souls are astounding but that's part of the joy and all I can say is I'm loving the journey... 

I hope you are too.

Love Me.

**Giveaway... TinyBagsofLove turns 1!!!

Happy Birthday

Tiny Bags of Love logo FINAL-01.jpg

I can't believe my first little online class has turned 1 already.  It feels like just the other day it became a class and it all started.


One of the things about Tiny Bags of Love turning 1 is that she comes home to my website, which is pretty exciting.  Ivy and Chris Newport hosted her for it's first year and I couldn't have been more grateful. Thank you both for such an incredible time.  I couldn't have asked for a better place for me to start teaching and for this little class to be birthed.

Thank you for everything.



Let's Celebrate... Let's Giveaway...

Winners to be announced on the 1st September 2017

I get asked all the time about my favourite colors / paints that I have used through the years.  They are beautiful Maimeri Italian Paints, creamy and wonderful to work with.  As a way of celebrating TBOL turning 1 and a way of saying thank you for an incredible first year, I'm giving away 5 of them together with my new favourite Raphael Precision #2 Pointed Round Brush.  See details below...

Ivory White, Venetian Rose, Perm Red Light, Light Kings Blue and Olive Green

Ivory White, Venetian Rose, Perm Red Light, Light Kings Blue and Olive Green

Raphael Precision #2 Pointed Round Paint Brush

Raphael Precision #2 Pointed Round Paint Brush

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If you haven't signed up to my Tiny Bags of Love class yet and you sign up, you will automatically be entered into the draw.  Follow the button below.


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If you are a NEW sign up or an EXISTING one, by completing the Subscription Form below, you will also be entered into the giveaway.  Wishing you all the best of luck.

Love Jeanne-Marie xoxoxo

Winners to be announced on the 1st September 2017

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The Art of Hands - Bonus Lesson

I have loved loved working on this piece, she kept evolving.  I'm so glad I managed to capture most of that evolution on film.

I have created and shared a bonus lesson for you on painting this hand in my Art of Hands tutorial class. The bonus lesson is focusing on detail work with a special brush I discovered and have been working with that has me totally smitten.  I hope you find it helpful and informative.

I absolutely loved sharing this with you,

much love, Jeanne-Marie







**New Class... {Held}Captive


I'm so excited to announce and share that I will be creating and hosting a new online class before the end of the year.  I haven't released anything this year yet and I can't believe we are heading into the last quarter already.  I have been spending a few months kitting out my studio space with new lighting and better set up for filming bigger than teabags. 

I'm so excited.

After teaching painting in America, I'm come home with a renewed excitement to paint and share more about my process in finding, capturing and communicating tender emotion in my work.  This class will be mostly about painting but there will also be a section about finding tender emotion in your clay and lens.  Follow the button below for more details.

I will be giving away 3 spaces to anyone who shares or signs up.

EarlyBird discount ends 1st October.

I have so much to share in the next week or so about what's going in my world... about my TinyBagsofLove Online Class being 1 year old and coming home to my website.  I'll be sharing more about me being involved with other collaborative classes next year.  During this week I will be sharing an extra bonus video for my ArtofHands Class and sharing about the most amazing new brush I've found.

And also a give way to celebrate TinyBagsofLove.

So much happening and so much to look forward to.

I hope you will join me for this next endeavour and adventure to continue learning and growing together.  Sending much love,

Jeanne-Marie xoxox

Surviving the Jetlag blues...

We arrived home to face reality and our schedules, full on.  I headed straight back to the office and Kitty, straight back to school with a manic schedule.  We didn't really have time to indulge in jet lag and fatigue, right.  It's been full systems go.  We are tired and we are doing the best we can... and we are finally getting there.  Normalcy is starting to return and I am feeling encouraged, that we can cope.

I had one really bad night when I couldn't sleep at all, so I spent my time painting.  I am quite desperate to get back into my studio and start working.  I'm ready to throw myself into painting.  I was reminded after my time in Jenny's studio and in my class at Kara's studio, how much I want to paint and I want to go deeper with my paints and I want to push myself to grow more.  I'm feeling so inspired and excited.

Title - "This Place is my Shelter"

It was good to work on this piece and finish my building work, at last.  This was my second lesson piece that I started in Saladu.  I carried her across America twice and then home.  There was something about her captivating me and I was determined to finish her.  I left her overnight to dry but when I came through the next morning, there was so much cracking around her buildings.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the level of commitment it would take to fix all the cracks. I started scratching out the cracks and smoothing away and filling them in with new clay and I was so relieved to find her in good health the next morning.

I'm ready to paint her.

This is a large piece I'm busy reworking.  I needed to fix her face and build it up some more and I spent a bit of time focusing on my bird work.  I'm loving her so much and I can't wait to paint her.

I needed to get my blogging of my trip complete, my studio reorganised and my life back up to date before I could allow myself full access to my studio where I can create guilt free.

It's weekend and my 'to-do-list' is clear and I'm ready... And excited.

Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for journeying with me the past few weeks.

Much Love, Jeanne-Marie

What I do know...

How do I even try and sum up what we experienced and what we have came home with.  It's too BIG.  I've tried my best to share our journey in my blog posts with my limited words and our beautiful images and keepsakes but the full extent of it... is too massive to fathom.

But I do know this...

  • we will be forever changed
  • we will be forever grateful
  • we couldn't have done this without YOU!
  • our hosts were gracious and the most remarkable people we have ever met.
  • we tried new things and tasted new things.
  • we saw BIG.
  • we felt loved and special, thank you!
  • I touched the Pacific ocean
  • we cried, we laughed, we loved, we hugged
  • we gave and we received 10 times more
  • Americans are generous and kind
  • we experienced Amazon Prime
  • we found friendly and humility, as a default setting.
  • we discovered grace in abundance and kindness in the bucket loads.
  • we fell in love with MilkDuds and M & M's
  • we spoke and listened
  • we made, shared, experienced and spoke ART for 31 days solid.
  • we walked the Golden Gate Bridge
  • we found tacos and devils on horseback
  • I tried saki for the first time
  • I fell in love with SF and went to the SFMoma
  • we met the most amazing hubbies to their artist wives
  • we found creativity everywhere
  • we made forever connections and forever friends
  • we found YOU!

I can never explain what this time has meant to us and I can never explain the extent of what it did for Kitty in expanding her heart and vision and perspective and how in seeing something different, a new world and a first world has helped heal her in so many ways.  And that in turn has healed me too.  How do we take everything we experienced and return to normal.  I am not sure we can and not do something precious with it all.  I hope we will.  I hope we will continue to expand and play it forward.  I hope to see Kitty take what she gained and run with new dreams with a bigger vision.

I think it takes a certain kind grace in allowing oneself to be hosted to the degree we were, it was humbling and at times hard to accept but also understanding we couldn't have done any of this without you.  Accepting us in your homes, lives and space with such dignity has spoken louder than any words could ever express and I'm not even sure how to find the words to say 'thank you'.

I can only hope my life too, will be able to show it.

Thank you for journeying with us on social media and through my blog and allowing me to document our time in America, the best way I can.

With much love and humility,

Jeanne-Marie and Kitty.

Home James and don't spare those horses...

There is something soooo precious about traveling and experiencing new places, people and different worlds.  But there is something equally as precious about going home and we were ready.  Our hearts were full and goodbyes were hard but we were ready too.  We arrived in Washington DC with just 10 minutes to board our next 15 hour long flight home.  We made our flight but it was around 24 hours before anyone at home had heard from us because I didn't have a gap to let anyone know we were on our next flight.  Out of my whole trip, this was my worst flight.


A little while after take off when they were serving dinner, we hit the worst turbulence I've ever experienced and the longest.  I wasn't happy.  We continued through our first 7 hours of the flight in utter silence with the seat belts on most of the way.  There was no walking or standing around and no coffee served.  We stopped in Dakar, West Africa for an hour in the morning for refuelling and restocking before we embarked on the next 7 hour leg to Johannesburg.  For the first time ever, I took out my moleskin journal and I started drawing, the distraction helped me home.

We arrived in Johannesburg fatigued with motion sickness and pretty much anxious to finish the final 5 hours... 3 hour layover and 2 hour flight.  I slept most of this final flight home.  I had had enough.

Getting home to Digz and Courteney felt so precious.  We sat on the bed, all of us, including our Daxies, Riley and Sandy until 1am unpacking treats, pics and MilkDuds and sharing stories.  I slept through, much to my amazement and woke up normal time and poor Kitty slept until 2pm the next day until I forced her to get up.

It was good to be home.

The different faces of Kitty...

I have loved all the 'faces of Kitty' appearing on FB and I have loved everyones renditions of her.  She's loved them all too.  She's pretty shy so this has been a pretty remarkable thing to have happened to her.  She even struggles to have her picture taken.

Thank you for making my girl feel so beautiful and so loved.

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Kara Bullock

Kara Bullock

KJ Allison

KJ Allison

These three canvases have come home to live with Kitty.  I love how they are all the same but all so uniquely different at the same time.  Thank you guys, for your generosity.

Jenny Doh - Oil

Jenny Doh - Oil

KJ Allison - Pens

KJ Allison - Pens

KJ Allison

KJ Allison

Phyllis Riley

Phyllis Riley

Lyn Tivenan

Lyn Tivenan

Lyn Tivenan

Lyn Tivenan

Ivy Newport

Ivy Newport

Finishing this precious Soul... for a most precious soul...

I am so pleased I finished this SoulBearer that I had started in Jenny Doh's studio - Day 1 of SculptingPoetic.  I was hoping to finish her and leave her as a gift for Ivy.  She had spoilt me so much through my visit and I knew I wanted to leave her with something special from me.


I was feeling tired and knowing I wanted to leave her as a gift was making me feel pressured.  I had no idea what direction I was going to move in but she started leading me and I loved that so much.  It's my favourite way to work when it comes to my Soul Bearers.  Not only was I creating all day in Robin's Studio but I had her encouraging me all the way too.  Only right at the end did I "see" her and once I finally saw her, I was immediately in love.  When I am head down and pushing through, I don't always see it, only when I started to photograph her, did I "see" her.  I was excited to leave her for Ivy but nervous too. 



I used a limited palette which I totally loved in the end.

Sending you with so much love, sweet SoulBearer.


Robin, Ivy and the Beautiful Oregon...

Oregon was our last stop and it was a precious one.

We stayed with Robin and it was beyond special to be here with her and Ivy.  They both picked up our exhausted bodies from the airport.  And we had a soft landing and a beautiful quiet dinner at home, just the 4 of us.  We were grateful for the soft landing.

We spoke well into the night.  I knew I was going to have a connected time.


Our first day in Oregon was spent meeting beautiful Michelle for lunch at a sushi spot and I was so delighted to have met her in person.  Meeting online friends was definitely a highlight of our trip.  Thank you Michelle and thank you for the beautiful gifts you gave Kitty and I.  Wow.

After a slow lunch we went for a walk in the beautiful gardens followed by a beautiful evening at Chris and Ivy's home.  I loved these together family times the most.

I got me some beautiful precious Ivy Love.  Thank you my friend for your generous heart and soul.  I am so grateful that I got to meet you and Chris and the girls in person.  It was a treat of treats.  You are a beautiful inside and out.  I am so grateful I got to take some specialness of you home with me.


After some sight seeing days, we settled down to some quiet days at Robin's home for hiding, deep connecting and creative time.  I had to fix a Soul Bearer for Robin that had been crushed in transit so I had some work to do and I spent a studio day with Robin and Ivy.  Robin created her very own Soul Bearer and that was beautiful.  And I got to watch Ivy draw and start her painting of Kitty.  I can't wait to see her finish that.  What a treat to be in studio with these two beautiful creative souls.  We got to talk about art and creativity for days.  That was a dream come true.

 We also popped into Ivy's gorgeous new Studio and we had breakfast together.  Getting to do daily things together and visualise 'life' was so precious to me.

Photo:  Caitlyn Grace Web

Photo:  Caitlyn Grace Web


We got to experience the Oregon Coast.  It was lovely.

We ate, we walked and we did a bit of shopping.  It was a chilled, beautiful day.

Meeting Michelle over a sushi lunch

Meeting Michelle over a sushi lunch

Long deep precious conversations on the patio will be my forever highlight and memories of Oregon.  Thank you for your heart my friend and that we got to tap into each others some.

Long deep precious conversations on the patio will be my forever highlight and memories of Oregon.  Thank you for your heart my friend and that we got to tap into each others some.


I can't tell you what these days meant to me to be quiet and gently close out our days in the USA.  I loved the deep connecting with Robin.  The meals shared with her and Joe and the incredible chats around social differences between our two countries and cultures.  Deep connecting is the way to fill my love tank and I'm so grateful we got that.  I loved the one on one time and the talking art day in and day out.  I loved seeing Robin's art up close and personal and we inspired each other so much.  What creative friendships are all about.  She could see things for me and I could see things for her in our art respectively.  I loved the home visits so much.

Robin, Joe, Ivy and Chris - I can never thank you enough for this time we had.  We love love loved it.  I couldn't think of a better way to end off our trip. Thank you for opening your hearts to us and allowing us to be ourselves with you.

It was a perfect send off home with our love tanks overflowing.

Goodbye Oregon and the amazing US of A, next stop... home.