I think I am almost done...

She's been unfinished on my easel for about 5 months and I have been procrastinating all week.  She's been patiently waiting for me and I promised her all week that I was coming.  I woke up on Friday morning knowing I had to finish her because two of my prints for Auction couldn't be used.  I finally finished her last night.  And I love her.  She was just so wonderful to paint and getting lost here on my canvas, was so good for my soul.  I'm glad I finally showed up to finish her.

I got to play on another unfinished canvas last night until the early hours of this morning.  I have just so needed to get lost on my canvas.  Messy big brush lost.  It was good for my heart and soul.  After I have finished my admin today, I'm heading back to get lost some more.  A lot of my hard work is almost done and now I get to play and this artist self is long overdue some serious play time.

See you on the other side of this play session,

Love Jeanne-Marie