Off the charts...

Last week was one of those weeks... you know... off the charts crazy, busy, full on but oh soooo good.  So much happened that it felt like it was a month ago but actually it was just a few days ago.

It started off with my my folks coming down for a week of marketing and I was on standby for them.  I took them to all their meetings in the city and out of town.  In between meetings we shared meals together, picked up the girls together and generally just caught up.   It was truly wonderful to hear what's going on in their lives and on the farm.  It's been an incredible year for them and I am seeing them enter their 70's more dynamic than ever.  It's forever a reminder to me that age is just a number and hard work always pays off.

We visited this wine farm to meet their executive Chef who is using my mom's goat's cheese in their signature dish that has just won a prestigious award.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Afterwards, I took my mom into the city for a special lunch.  It was a beautiful day.

It was also Corks wrap up week of High School.  Her awards ceremony, Matric breakfast and of course, Valedictory.  It was an incredibly emotional day.  As happy as she was to be finishing school, she was also deeply emotional about it.  She couldn't really celebrate much afterwards because she had to finish and hand in her final art plan, as her final exam was about to be adjudicated and her exhibition put up.  She still had a bit of a way to go.  The life of an art student.

In between all of this, Annie and I shared our Survival and Triumph Auction day and it was full on.  I found it pretty emotional and incredibly humbling.  Both of us didn't sleep much on Thursday night and we were awake chatting through the night while we continued to interact with the auction and negotiate the time zones.  As our auction day drew to an end on the Friday (our evening) I was rather emotional as final bids were coming through.  Some very unexpected sales right at the end, that was deeply moving.  I thought we were done but after our auction closed, more sales came through later that evening.  It was a huge experience for me, one I won't forget for a very long time.  I can't thank Stephanie and Annie enough and of course, all our bidders and winners.


I'm not going to lie, all of it was so special and delightful.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared the love and bids and more.  My heart is overflowing.

I spent the weekend recovering,  sleeping and gardening and caught up with life and chores.  Packaging was coming on Monday.  And it was going to be a mighty undertaking.