School trip chronicles...

For the past 12 years the four of us have been doing the school drop off together. I'm not entirely sure how or when it became a thing but as Valedictory was drawing nearer, I started to feel the loss of days we had left of our little morning tradition, as we knew it.

It hasn't always been sunshine and roses... sometimes we are flying into the car with our hair on fire. Sometimes we were early but mostly cutting it fine.  Most times it's panic stations because something was left behind but the craziness, the laughter, the mayhem, the teachable moments, the lecturers, the tears, the music, there is always music and the laughter, oh yes, did I mention the laughter... lots of it.  The banter... always fantastic.  This has been our constant through the years.

As we did our final school trip together with the four of us, it was mayhem as usual, but I quietly held the moment close that this was formally our last school trip together.  It's so beautifully bitter sweet that it has left a tiny ache in my heart.  Things as we know it are changing and there is not a thing I can do about it.

My highlight of the girl's schooling career, our morning trips.

My highlight of the girl's schooling career, our morning trips.


We now get up and the 3 of us head out and it's still precious, perhaps a little quieter.  On our first trip out, Kitty read us her creative writing piece the whole way and it helped fill the space. The 3 of us will continue this precious tradition so that she too will carry 12 years of school trip memories, albeit slightly different.