Sunday reading...

I spent the weekend finding my feet again after the past 2 weeks of mayhem.  It felt good to feel the calm and quiet, both are sacred ground for me.  It was the first time in absolute months that I got to wake up slowly and have breakfast out on our tiny patio with the girls.  While Digz was out riding, we were drinking coffee, chatting and reading.  A rare treat these days as we all have busy lives and we are living them at full speed.

In the week my beautiful new book by Ruby Silvious  - 363 Days of Tea arrived.  I found out about her year long journey while I was half way though my own year long TeaBagGirls Journey this year and I just love how she's documented it.  

I'm so inspired by her book, her work and her bags.  Although our journeys have been completely different and our teabags uniquely our own.  I'm loving this visually beautiful book and if you are on your own teabag journey then I highly recommend it.

Much Love, Jeanne-Marie oxoxo