The face of TinyBagsofLove... comes home

I sent her back to the framers for reframing.  We hand picked this beautiful frame for her because I wanted her to be honoured for everything that she has represented for me this year.  She became the face of TinyBagsofLove and she has been one of my favourite pieces from this years #1FaceADay challenge on TeaBags.

She will form part of my private collection and won't be for sale.


My heart is overflowing today.  Not only is this beautiful girl home but yesterday I received my next 40 frames back.  I now have 240 pieces finished and framed.  Each one is stamped at the back with my signature and yesterday we sat numbering each one in painting order sequence.  That alone was a mighty big job and I'm so grateful I had kept a log.  As each one came out of their boxes it was like reuniting with old friends.  It was rather emotional unpacking my journey so far.  Seeing it in it's entirety was so needed and I guess every now again we need to see from small picture to big picture.  From that tiny little square that I stare at everyday to the massive body of works, totally blew my heart wide open.

I was reminded yesterday what this was all about, not that I had forgotten that or that I had got lost along the way, but I think for a moment I was just in small picture mode and it sure was good to see beyond the small square.