Four Girls and a Cowboy...

We headed away for the weekend, for our second year running.  The girls had their WP Marathon MTB champs going on up Route 62 and we found the most delightful place to stay.  Our hosts were an incredibly interesting couple called Mark and Ruth and what they are doing in this little community is quite remarkable.  Our home for the weekend was this original 1930's home beautifully restored and kept.  The hub was obviously this kitchen.  We had an incredible stay... long hours by the fire, great food, long chats, resting and lots of laughing, all over and above the riding.

We headed out early on Saturday morning for the start and the nerves were on edge.  I sat in the car typing my blurb for the Triumph and Survival Auction Introduction while we found our way there.  I had forgotten how special the start was.  It was opposite an old mission church, a bit run down but still beautiful.  The bells rang throughout the start adding much excitement.   When Corks got to the start shoots her number board wasn't on and she was denied access, she had to perform some fancy footwork to get back on track which left her in adrenaline overload.  Not a great way to start her race.  All in all, it was a mighty race for these four young ladies.  I do believe it was one of the most competitive races yet.  They all finished together over the finish line after racing their hearts out for 40km's, with seconds between them.

Incredible work guys.


All through the weekend we had the sweetest delightful little house guest who crept into the girls' hearts big time.  It was the sweetest little lamb, called Cowboy.  He stole the show for sure and no better way to get Four Girls' heart swooning other than by a Cowboy.

It was a wonderful gentle weekend after the last 3 months we have endured and a brilliant way to ease into our mini holiday before we head towards our final stretch to December.  I'm happy to say the major heaviness of this year is finally behind us and just feeling that relief is rather heavenly.  Onwards we go...

Much Love, xoxox