Showing up...

I'm quite exhausted.  Now that most of the hecticness of life is behind us, the wave of fatigue is finding me.  I still have so much to do so I can't really give into it.  I am doing auction touch ups and finish ups and still dealing with some of the admin around that, one or two pieces that I still have to do, plus the auction starts next week.  Yikes.

In amongst my auction and life admin, I'm still having to show up for my #1FaceADay #TeaBagGirls challenge and my next 40 are due at the framers on Monday totalling 280 framed teabags, leaving a mere 86 left to go.

I am also filming and editing for my new class, The SoulBearers.  If I start a sculpture, I pretty much have to finish it and it's long hours of standing, sculpting and filming.  I stood until 2.30am this morning working on this new piece with "love" on her back.  I'm hoping she will be dry by tomorrow so I can paint her but I already love her.  She will probably be my final Soul Bearer for the Auction.

Showing up for these girls...

Today I dropped two of my paintings off to be block mounted and while I was there, I popped into my art shop to discover my custom made boxes were ready and waiting for me - it was a delightful surprise and they are perfect.  Now if I get to ship these precious souls, I have the assurance they will be safe and secure.  I'm a happy girl today.

All the hard work is coming together.  I am excited and nervous for next week.  It's a massive week for all of us.  From my first big auction, my folks will be in town, to Corks' Valedictory, final farewells and to her final week of school ever.  Our emotions are running deep as we are closing off seasons and moving into new ones.  It's bitter and beautifully sweet all at once.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Much Love, oxoxo