Embraced by Grace - Part 2

I so loved finishing this edit and this painting.  She's definitely one of my favourite pieces from this year, mainly just from the total enjoyment side of things.  The best part for me... are her eyes - they are intense and deep and when the eyes appear like they did for me, it feels like she's watching me the whole way through.

I remember going to sleep with an idea in mind and waking up knowing exactly how to finish her.  I love it when inspiration kicks you out of bed early and says "let's do this".

Triumph and Survival Auction in October 2016

Watching myself paint definitely had me laughing at myself a bit... There are some moments in this video that I hold my brush in such a funny way - I had no idea I did that... I guess I truly do get lost in the moment.  So good to laugh at myself a little.

I hope you enjoyed watching her come to life.  I know I loved sharing this.

Much love and fun always, Jeannie xoxo