The Bearer of Tea...

I started by painting this piece on the body first and then proceeded to do the teacups and teapot and then moved onto the Tree of Life, front and back.

I wasn't feeling that connected to the piece and the colors and I wasn't sure about her at all... until I did her face which for some or other reason I left until last... it's something I never do.  How bizarre.  But just in that single moment when her face started to come through - the whole piece arrived all at the same time for me and I knew it was love.

I'm totally besotted with her.  And of course I want to keep her but she's going towards the Triumph and Survival Auction in October.  I know this for sure - she's going with my whole heart.

This figurine had been calling me for a while and I knew after my TinyBagsofLove Class I wanted to make her.  Her armature sat waiting for me for about a week.  All I knew is that I wanted her adorned with teacups and a teapot in the theme of my class and I wanted to honour the teaMaker, I needed to.... "Blessed is the TeaMaker".  She feels so sacred... like you might come across this Bearer of Tea if you took a slow walk into the quiet still forest and if you are lucky enough to come across her she will offer you tea and tell you her sweet stories.  I want to sit with her and drink tea and be still and listen because she carries wisdom inside of her.