The struggle is real...

Being parents to two daughters so uniquely individual and beautifully different from each other... both gifted in their own rights but where the one sees it and believes it and the other doesn't.  This has been by no stretch of the imagination, easy.

Corks is the eternal optimist and one of the hardest working people I have ever met and good things happen to her, naturally.  Positive people attract positivity, right.  But without meaning to or realising it - she casts a long shadow and with Kitty being younger than her, in her mind she has been living in that shadow and has never quite measured up.  Even though we know that's not the truth - her struggle of this perceived truth, is REAL.

Being the parent to that perceived truth is challenging and a little heart breaking.  She's completed that story in her mind and changing that... well let's just say, we are 15 years in and we aren't there yet.  Don't get me wrong - Kitty completely idolises her big sister and will move heaven and earth for her and thinks she is the greatest person she's ever met.  There is no doubt about that... but coming up two years her junior has felt more like a handicap than reality which has left her riddled with fear, apathy and giving up before even starting.  Working with someone like that isn't easy.  It has at times been a painful journey for her but not one I've allowed her to indulge in too long.  Long on tears and tender counselling have been many our Saturday mornings (our special time).  I'm just so grateful I can hold her tenderness for her.  Helping Kitty find her own voice has been our story and when I get glimpse of her true self coming through - we celebrate wholeheartedly.  And this week we got to celebrate because the small victories and the big ones count.

Kitty has an incredible creative mind and that coupled with her words is making her an brilliant young writer.  She took the plunge this year and signed up to write a 1 Act Play for school and her playwright was chosen. She is the youngest one to be chosen this year and I can't even tell you how perfect the timing is.  Not only did she push herself to all limits to finish strong - she wrote an excellent piece of work.   We now have our playwright and director in the house and I have never seen her happier, getting a glimpse of what life with a purpose looks like - is a little life changing.  I do believe this might be a defining moment in her little life and I hope it will swing wide those doors for her, her own doors.

Yes, this is worthy of celebrating... so proud of you sweet girl.

Love me.