Birds of a feather... Flock together

I'm besotted with her...

Considering she almost didn't make it and I almost gave up on her 3 times, I'm amazed at how connected I feel to her.  From the beginning I wasn't happy with her at all.  She felt clumsy and her neck was too short and thick and her face and body proportions just felt so off for me.  Creating birds around and above her head, gave me the height I was after.  When I was rebuilding her, I completely overcrowded her with birds so much so that I had to remove some of them to make her less cluttered... yip a struggle all the way through.


Seriously though, her hands and her tender-hearted face, was worth every hour I tried to rescue her.  Up until now all my hands have been the same color as the bodies but I wanted her elegant hands to be seen as they added so much emotion to her story.  It was the first time I painted hands and it completely transformed her.  The birds took about 3 different coats to settle on the color that I loved.  There is no doubt, she was hard work and she made my earn the right to her presence.  Maybe that's why I love her so much.

She will be in the Triumph and Survival Auction in October.

There is so much symbolism in her for me... 

Her gentleness and empathy outshone her imperfections.  She is a reminder to me, that we are all worthy of saving no matter where we find ourselves.  She is courageous in her resilience to be found and seen.  She is so gentle and kind that even the birds feel safe around her.


I filmed most of her rescue for my The Soul Bearers workshop... how even in the ugly messes, you can find your way back.


Love, me