The SoulBearers line up...

I'm honestly besotted with these precious souls.  I've started prepping my heart and studio for their departure for the Triumph and Survival Auction.  I'm not trying to be presumptions at all by saying that but it feels like I'm sending my children out into the world and I need to prepare my mind.   If the don't sell at the auction then I get to hold them closer for a little longer, which will be sweetness either way.

I lay all my pieces out for the Auction to see what needed fixing and tweaking or extra layers of paint etc.  I still have a few things to tweak but I gained huge ground yesterday.  I still have two pieces to go.  My donation piece for Stephanie and one more painting.  I've also spent this week at my printers sorting out back up prints and cards etc. and tomorrow I order my custom made boxes for these souls.

I had no idea I could do this and I've always said {no} to this kind of commitment.  I like to work to my own agenda, at my own pace but I guess I'm growing up a little, right.

I've loved the whole process and yes, I'm nervous but so excited for Auction day.

I hope you will be there too.

Much Love, me.