The last dance...

Everything came together so beautifully on the night and we couldn't have been prouder...

From her dress and stunning shoes, to her make up and hair... everything was perfect.  For our sporty girl who spends most of her life in lycra, school uniform or pjs... a moment to beautify was like a gift.  She felt like a complete princess and every girl needs to feel like that for her last dance.

She had an incredible evening with her friends... one last time, formally.  There was a maturity and a reality to their time together, this time... like they knew the weightiness of this night... that this will be their last mass group event together.

Her whole group partnered up and went as friends and it was precious.

This was a huge milestone for all of us... our first last dance.

Kitty was emotional all night.  For her, seeing her seniors, her beautiful Corks and her close friends wrapping up their year was deeply moving for her.  I know for her to transition into her next phase of high school without her big sister around is a biggie.

It was a magical night and it was good.

I know she will remember this night for a long time.  It came and went and the next day she had to scrub the beauty off and hang up her dress and shoes and get back on the bike for her last school league.  By no means easy.

ProudMomma for sure.

Love Jeanne-Marie