Random acts of kindness...

I received two acts of beautiful kindness this week from two fb friends, Lyn and Susan.  Lyn actually introduced me to Susan online, who decided to sign up for TeaBagGirls.  Susan is also South African and popped into Cape Town for a long weekend and I contacted her to see if she was keen on meeting up for coffee.  I don't get many art guests in these parts - so it's always a delightful opportunity when they come around.  Susan and her hubby were the kindest folk and I felt so blessed by our meeting up.  We had beautiful lunch together and getting to connect, chill and chat was so nurturing.  Thank you Susan and Lyn for touching my heart this week.  I love how kindness comes at time when the heart needs it the most.

So precious and thank you.

Love me, xoxo

Susan's beautiful hare and Lyn's incredibly moving TeaBag.