She's on her way...

I can't believe this BIG girl is on her way to San Fransisco.

This is not only the biggest piece I've ever done but she's the biggest piece I've sold or had to package up and ship.  I was nervous, understandably.  As luck would have it, in the middle of my packaging days, I stumbled across a new ArtShop and she said they do logistics.  When I asked them to clarify what that meant, they told me they do packaging of paintings.  I decided to let them professionally package her up.

Needle and Thread - 1.5m High and 1m Wide

Needle and Thread - 1.5m High and 1m Wide


When I collected her, her box was truly remarkable.  The edges and sides had all been steel reinforced and I am so hopeful that she will be safe in transit.  I just can't believe how life works out.  I love seeing synchronicity at play like that.  I'm so grateful.

I learnt so much about this shipment.



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