Evolving with this haunting girl...

I've been dying to get back to my paints.

And last night was a gorgeous reunion.  I have missed my canvases, brushes and paints so much.  I have been in my dry medium section and substrates section of my class and it meant I had been neglecting my paints.

I wasn't sure where I was going to start... all I knew is that I wanted to paint a biggish intuitive portrait. I love the promise of a blank canvas coupled with a sharp brown Stabilo AllMarks Pencil...

When this girl appeared.


It wasn't all plain sailing... and we are still finding our way together.

My canvas was a bit challenging and I felt like I was fighting with it a little.  And sometimes when I mix my paint brands it can be difficult.  I pushed through and eventually started finding my way.  I filmed my process and you can see how I go through the ugly stage... it's so vulnerable doing that for you on camera.

The fear is that I won't find my way and I will have loose my way on camera.  I know that sounds so funny but the pressure is "ON" when that camera is.  I do eventually forget that the camera is rolling and I get completely lost in capturing the essence of her.

That's truly my happy place.


I can't wait to finish painting her.

I'm loving where we find ourselves tonight.

Until tomorrow...


Held - JeanneMarie.jpg