FriendshipLove... a tiny little glimpse

This is a piece I've been working on for my {Held}Captive class... It's my final piece for the TenderTogetherness section of my class.  She’s big and she's beautiful and I’m smitten with the theme of FriendshipLove and togetherness.  She's a tribute to you and our incredible online community.

I hope it works out... like I’m envisaging.

Last nights painting session was tough going and I did one scrape back and redo. A tad bit stressful.  But we will continue to journey together.

This will be the only sneak peak I’ll be sharing of this piece before my class starts. 

38"x25" FriendshipLove

38"x25" FriendshipLove

Where I left off last night has encouraged me to keep going until we find our way.

Pushing through.

Love Me.