A Tribute to my sweet girls... my sweet TeaBagGirls

My TinyBagsofLove Auction was incredible and I can't thank you enough for being there to love my TeaBagGirls with me and of course, supporting me and what I did last year.

I'm utterly blown away.  Thank you.

This week has seen me and Corks working until all hours of the morning packaging up my tiny girls.  Most people ask me how can I bear to part with them but I'm always so ready to share my art and send it out into the world but this week has found my heart lingering with each one as I carefully packaged them up.  I'm a tad bit overwhelmed, in the best possible way.

The pre-auction admin was labor intensive and the auction was fast-paced and full on and the time zones, wow those time zones.  Now I'm deep in the midst of post-auction labor, a labor of love as I package up my girls and get them ready for their voyage across the seas.

My heart climbed inside each package - safe travels little ones

My heart climbed inside each package - safe travels little ones


To my TeaBagGirls - I just want to say, thank you.  We have walked with each other for 366 days and then some.  You have stood by me through the enormity of exhibition and auction and through this whole venture and you once again have taught me so much in your humility but incredible resilience.  

There is huge courage in showing up everyday, in spite of the craziness of life and last year was crazy.  I still can't believe I didn't give up half way through and trust me there were moments.  But all said and done the beautiful gifts that came from this past year have surpassed my expectations.  What a beautiful gift you girls have given me.  Thank you.

Safe travels my SweetGirls, my sweet #TeaBagGirls

I have updated my TeaBag page if you want to see my journey this past year.  In the past week, locally, I received an overwhelming response in the press about my sweet little project and I've been receiving some love and support from the Rooibos Council of SA which I'm so thrilled about.  I wanted them to be part of my journey.  I've shared some of that on this page, just follow the button to see some of that.

Once again, as I am wrapping up this incredible project, I just want to say a huge....