#InMyStudio play...

As you may have heard me mention, after all my commitments, I was was going to be heading back into the classroom.  Well this finally happened this week, properly.

Just starting has got me so motivated and inspired, I can't even tell you.  it got me motivated to finish these two pieces.  I started them in December but they both just seemed to me lacking something.... "feeling" perhaps.  I was so flat and exhausted by the end of December.


There is something so precious and sacred about allowing rest to bring new energy and perspective.  I always forget this and it always seems to teach me so much, in the art of waiting and the art of patience.  I tend to feel guilty and frantic when I'm not painting daily but giving myself time to truly rest and time away from my easel has brought something new back to me.

And I'm so grateful because besides finishing pieces, joy has returned and that's always a good thing.