I'm a student again...

It feels so great to be back in learning mode.  Can I tell you how much I love it.  At the end of last year I signed up to a lot of new classes, that I haven't started yet.  But it was for this year because I wanted to get back to learning.  It was my objective for 2017 and it's what I've set this year aside for.  I learnt a lot last year and tried a bunch of new things too but I knew this year, I needed to go deeper with my painting and push myself to do new things and learn new skills with my art.

EmbraceYourselfWorkshop - Misty Mawn

EmbraceYourselfWorkshop - Misty Mawn


I know I've taken a while to get going because of all my art admin and exhibition / auction but I am finally here.  When I take a class, I don't flip through it.  I have a journal and I take notes and document it all and I usually try most of the class.  So last week I watched a lot of tutorials which was completely inspiring and this weekend past I started my book and did my first lesson / homework.  I'm rusty for sure.  For me there is skill taking a class, the skill in courage, in trying new things and trying everything.  The skill of showing up even when there is fear and my fear is tangible and real and I'm uncomfortable.

 But I know it's a good thing and I'm thrilled about that.  Can't wait to do more.

Love Jeanne-Marie