Italian Wax-Picture Varnish...

I've been using spray varnish for a while now and although I feel confident this is good enough, I've been desperate to test other mediums and products.  Especially on my paper pieces, mixed media pieces and I've also been keen to test it on one of my paper clay SoulBearers.  My problem is I couldn't find anyone to tell me how to do it.  Not even my local art shops.

When Annie came to visit earlier this year, I took her to the Italian art shop and while she was browsing, I found this gorgeous little Italian Wax-Picture Varnish.  I have been a little afraid to test it but this weekend past, I was ready.

I have been working on a collage piece that was rather uneven.

I did some research and watched some online tutorials and I struggled to find a solution that was making any sense to me, when I stumbled across WillKempArtSchool and it gave step by step instruction on how to varnish acrylic pieces.  I'm soooooo thrilled about this delightful find.

The best tip he gives is how you need to isolate your piece with gel medium solution before applying the varnish and thank goodness I read that....


Isolation and Varnishing - in a nutshell....

  1. Make sure your piece is completely dry before applying your soft gel medium (isolation).
  2. Make your soft gel medium solution - 2 part gel medium, 1 part water.
  3. Use a wide synthetic brush and apply your isolation solution.
  4. Allow to dry completely.  I left mine for a few days.
  5. Use a wide synthetic brush and apply your Wax-Picture Varnish.
  6. Work quickly and smoothly and allow to dry well.

For more detailed tips on isolation - read here

For more detailed tips on varnishing - read here.



I am keeping this website on speed-dial, it's full of great tips and lessons and help.  Thank you so much WillKempArtSchool.  As for my wax-picture varnish finish - it's looking lovely so far and as soon as it dries, I will share more.  I have also tested this on one of my small SoulBearers.

I'm excited to see how these two pieces are now sealed and protected.

Much love, Jeanne-Marie