Prepped backgrounds...

I've been prepping backgrounds from class.  It's not something that comes naturally for me.  But it's something I would like to grow more in.  I always seem to forget how great it is.

So I had a few prepped canvases like this and I've been dying to work on them.  I'm loving how they give such a different element to your work.  Working on a painted surface is completely different than working on a clean canvas.  Well, at least I find that and sometimes I find it harder but always a gorgeous outcome and one I'm always happy with.  I find I have to work with much thicker paint which is most delicious.

EmbraceYourselfWorkshop - Misty Mawn

EmbraceYourselfWorkshop - Misty Mawn


 Working with scratching and stencils.  And I'm loving it.  I can't wait to play on more textured and prepped backgrounds.

As for this girl, I really love her.

These new pieces are going towards a body of works for an auction later in the year.

Happy painting, Love Me.