Playing with Clay again...

I haven't played with clay since just before my exhibition.  I didn't have the capacity to start anything new because I know these Souls take time and my months have been filled with administration but now that is all done, the freedom has been tangible and that means one thing... yup... glorious, delicious creative play-time. And my heart is ready.

  Make no mistake, the longing was there and the clay literally calls me.

When I first started with my little Souls, new figurines used to wake me up at night for me to start making them or draw them out.  And I I woke up the other day after a glorious afternoon nap with these two on my mind.  I haven't had that for a while.

I'm a little smitten with these two...

I'm a little smitten with these two...


I got up and made these two and they literally flowed right out of my hands.  It just felt so good to play with the clay again.  I'm rather in love with it.

I guess like my paintings - I'm always trying to capture, touch and find their tender emotion and I am feeling it between these two.  The sweetness of their hands, the birds and their close faces.

I am looking forward to painting them.

Even though they don't have faces yet - I can see their expressions and I just love that.

I'm busy practicing for my classes that are coming up in June/July.  I start putting my clay student packs together soon and I can't wait to start doing that.  I'm getting so excited.


Much Love, Jeannie