Long weekends and quiet studio days...

I love long weekends and April is filled with them.

I know it means I get extended hours #InMyStudio, which I'm always grateful for.  And this weekend I did just that.  On Friday, I did some packaging up... yes I'm still packaging up TeaBagGirls and Saturday I did my shipping and I needed some new paint brushes.

I rushed home to get settled into some much needed studio time.

While I was working through my class material, my hands were busy making armatures for a mini project I'm working on.

Filling this sweet box with SoulBearers...

Filling this sweet box with SoulBearers...

I had one ready made hand left from my old figurine that I wanted to use in this unfinished terracotta piece above.  She was a rescued SoulBearer from a failed project from last year.  Her neck was broken and fell in such a perfect emotive way and I could immediately see how I wanted to remould her.  I broke off her legs and old arms and rebuilt her and there was so much restoration to her story.  A reminder to me, that anything can be rescued and not all is lost.

She's so beautifully emotive and deeply soulful and I am loving her hands up close to her face, like she's holding onto something so precious.... memories or maybe quiet whispers.  She has buildings on her head like her crowning glory and these words are down her back...


I will keep you safe. 
Hold out your hand - can you feel the weight of it.
The whole world at your finger tips - don't be afraid.
Mistakes are bound to be made - but I will keep you safe.


I'll keep you safe by Sleeping at Last

They keep calling me to make more and I can't wait to listen.

Love Jeannie xoxox

A little glimpse of my TeaBagGirls / Packaging Zone and my Clay Zone -  I'm loving it.

A little glimpse of my TeaBagGirls / Packaging Zone and my Clay Zone -  I'm loving it.