Expressive SelfPortraiture...

I did my draw up last night and it was pretty rough and a little scary, to be honest.

Not that I let that bother me at all, I like my paintings to lead me than be completely hung up by the drawing part because once I start laying down the paint, I know it's going to change a dozen times anyway.  She waited patiently #InMyStudio all day for me to come paint her.  I had to finish my day at the office before I could take out my brushes and I couldn't wait.

When I started painting, I could see my proportions were completely off and I was really struggling to get my eye in.  I am so enjoying working with reference and at the same time equally challenged.  I'm working hard to find what I need to but at the same time, still make it my own.

16" x 22" Stetched Canvas

16" x 22" Stetched Canvas

I'm calling it a night though, I'm feeling a little exhausted but I'm feeling encouraged to finish her and do deeper layers.  There were moments tonight where I thought I might abandon her but I'm glad I pushed through.

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying working bigger too.

Good night folks.  Love Me