Stealing moments...

With things being a little upside down at home and with my studio being far away from Digby, spending hours in there hasn't really been an option.  So this weekend I moved some of my studio into the living area so I can be closer to him.  Just some basic things, like my Mac and my clay and today, I moved my paints and brushes through.  I'm ready to start working again and I'm excited.

This way we can all be together at a time when Digz isn't that mobile. 

I have loved this little project that got my hands working again.  I needed to do something, just for fun and just to get me back creating.  I had 6 little gaps to fill and it was more challenging than I thought it would be.  Working this small was a delightful treat.  I knew I wanted them to have a similar theme to them yet all be slightly different.  It was quite interesting to see each one's personality come through.

They are currently drying but I'm ready to start painting them.

Much Love, Me