"I'm on the cover of a magazine.... "

This statement has been a long time family joke of ours since our girls were little.   It's a line from Monsters Inc.  and we have always joked about it and today I finally got to say that and really mean it. :-)

I had this interview in March and kind of parked it at the back of my mind and now in May the editorial was released and today my hard copies arrived by courier.  I have to say, I was totally moved and blown away to hold this in my hands today.  It's a big and visually beautiful magazine and I'm so humbled to have my #366 TeaBagGirl on the cover.

I sent through a bunch of images of my TeaBagGirls and art from the past few years and I just love that they chose this specific one, #366 for the cover.   It meant so much to me because she was my very last TeaBagGirl to be painted.  I just kind of loved that.

Thank you Slow Magazine for such a lovely spread.

It's been a precious moment.

Love Me.


Read all about it - here

SLOW Magazine is the official guest magazine for SLOW and SLOW IN THE CITY, the exclusive business lounges operated by British Airways Comair in partnership with FNB Private Clients and RMB Private Bank.