Under the Influence of Louise...

I can't actually believe that I have something finished on this canvas.

It's gone through many many different transitions and different stages but I am absolutely in love with where we have find ourselves and I think I'm going to keep this one like this.

I think this has literally been unfinished for over a year.  It's a beautifully big canvas, my biggest one to date and I love the simplicity and yet at the same time, detailed patterns.

36" x 60" Wrapped Stretched Canvas

36" x 60" Wrapped Stretched Canvas

Inspired by being "under the influence" of Louise Bourgeois.  A lesson from Embrace Yourself Workshop.  I am still learning a lot about this incredible artist and I'm busy studying some other artists too.  I'm looking forward to see what else comes through.  I'm still unpacking the lessons from this class and I'm soon to start my new class with Gillian Lee on Portraits.

I'm loving being back in the classroom, for sure.

Much Love... Me xoxox