Come paint with me...

As you know, I am guest teaching on Let's Face It 2017 - I knew in my mind and schedule I had to start filming my lesson but to be honest, I've hardly turned on my camera this year.  There just hasn't been time with all the exhibition, auction and interviews around my TinyBagsofLove.  And of course, prepping for my trip and you know, life serving us curve balls.

Time is never on my side, I know this is a reality for many of us.


When I am filming myself, the pressure is on and I feel it in all ways.  As my dear friend Robin Jane says... it feels more like performing arts. What I've been doing to get comfortable in front of the camera again, is to keep the camera rolling and hopefully capture something that I will love and that will be good enough to share.  The joy about doing that, is that sometimes I forget it's rolling and I can get lost in the process rather than focus on the performance.

This canvas was heavenly to work on and I knew in my Stabilo draw up, I was already in love and then watching them unfold was just such a joy for me.

I look forward to doing my lesson for you when I get home.