We are home...

We are back home and unpacked and surviving the jet lag and busy catching up on love, life and everything else.

We are happy to be home and back with our loved ones and pups... nothing like distance and time away to make the reconnection sweeter.

I'm busy going through the pictures and thinking how I'm going to share our journey.  Please bear with me as I find my way with this.  I'm busy working through all my emails and letters from while I was away and I will touch base as soon as I can.

As for this girl of mine, she was a pleasure to have as a travel companion.  I'm so grateful for her and our trip and that we got to experience this together... it changed us completely, from deep within.

For now, I will leave you with one thing that seems to be the only thing I can truly get out of my soul at this stage and that's...


Thank you for having us, for loving and accepting us, for graciously hosting us and filling our hearts to the brim with generosity, kindness, hospitality and abundance.

We have come home expanded... heart and soul.  I can never thank you enough for what this trip did for my Kitty girl, it came at the most perfect time for her and I know it's been an absolutely defining moment in her life.  The gratitude and emotions are spilling over and I'm not sure how to contain all of that.  I hold in my hands these beautiful keepsakes of our time and the rest remains in my heart to tap into during the next while and I look forward to unpacking that more with you.

All my love, always... Jeanne-Marie