Long haul... the anxiety was real.

All I can say is traveling long haul isn't for the fainthearted.  I was anxious to be flying so far and for so long.  The furtherest I've gone is Europe so this was new ground for me.  All I can say is I was grateful for my buddy who was so excited to be doing her first international flight.

Everything was so exciting... her blanket, earphones, movies and the aeroplane food.

She was delightful.

But even her delight was waning after two long days of voyage and navigating 5 flights, the different airports with short layovers and the time zones were killer.  The stress was real and my anxiety was off the charts.  I know there is lots of stuff happening in and around the world at the moment but the angst at security check points were a little more than intense.  And a MotherDaughter traveling duo just seemed suspect to some, right?  I know the times require it, but my nerves were edgy by the end.  

We arrived at sweet Phyllis exhausted, in dire need of a shower and not able to put another morsel down our throats.  A shower and bed is all we could manage.

We were so grateful to have a soft landing at Phyllis'.