Our first full day in America...

After a goodish night sleep we woke up ready to gently take in our first full day in the United States.  I think our first stop being North Carolina, was the perfect entry point for our journey into the US.  We had heard about "Southern Hospitality" but seeing it in action took us by surprise and we truly loved all of it.  Arriving at Phyllis and Bob's was a soft landing and we needed it.

We woke up to good coffee and sweet Daisy Girl loves and Phyllis who is every bit as wonderful in person as she is online, well even better.  She has remarkable capacity and is one funky mama.  She is very much up with the times and styling all the way and Kitty and her hit it right off.  Phyllis worked through Kitty's American Wishlist, no problem.  I know this for sure, we will never forget our precious time in the South or our time in Phyllis' home.

First stop... 

A trip to the Grocery store was the first thing on our list of things to experience because we had heard about the choices... and we were blown away, for sure.  The chip lane (I say 'lane' because it took me around 20 seconds to walk the length of it)... the variety.  GOODNESS me.

"I love MILK DUDS" - became our favourite line this whole trip.

We popped into Walgreens to get American adaptors for your equipment and everyone was so genuinely friendly in the stores.  The friendliness really bowled us over.  After a few errands Phyllis took us through to meet Jane Powell from Random Arts and to see the studio and I took my box of goodies for set up.  It was perfect.

On our way home we stop off for an all American Burger at Wendy's... another wishlist - check.


We headed home and crept into bed early.  Our clocks were out of sync for sure.