What I do know...

How do I even try and sum up what we experienced and what we have came home with.  It's too BIG.  I've tried my best to share our journey in my blog posts with my limited words and our beautiful images and keepsakes but the full extent of it... is too massive to fathom.

But I do know this...

  • we will be forever changed
  • we will be forever grateful
  • we couldn't have done this without YOU!
  • our hosts were gracious and the most remarkable people we have ever met.
  • we tried new things and tasted new things.
  • we saw BIG.
  • we felt loved and special, thank you!
  • I touched the Pacific ocean
  • we cried, we laughed, we loved, we hugged
  • we gave and we received 10 times more
  • Americans are generous and kind
  • we experienced Amazon Prime
  • we found friendly and humility, as a default setting.
  • we discovered grace in abundance and kindness in the bucket loads.
  • we fell in love with MilkDuds and M & M's
  • we spoke and listened
  • we made, shared, experienced and spoke ART for 31 days solid.
  • we walked the Golden Gate Bridge
  • we found tacos and devils on horseback
  • I tried saki for the first time
  • I fell in love with SF and went to the SFMoma
  • we met the most amazing hubbies to their artist wives
  • we found creativity everywhere
  • we made forever connections and forever friends
  • we found YOU!

I can never explain what this time has meant to us and I can never explain the extent of what it did for Kitty in expanding her heart and vision and perspective and how in seeing something different, a new world and a first world has helped heal her in so many ways.  And that in turn has healed me too.  How do we take everything we experienced and return to normal.  I am not sure we can and not do something precious with it all.  I hope we will.  I hope we will continue to expand and play it forward.  I hope to see Kitty take what she gained and run with new dreams with a bigger vision.

I think it takes a certain kind grace in allowing oneself to be hosted to the degree we were, it was humbling and at times hard to accept but also understanding we couldn't have done any of this without you.  Accepting us in your homes, lives and space with such dignity has spoken louder than any words could ever express and I'm not even sure how to find the words to say 'thank you'.

I can only hope my life too, will be able to show it.

Thank you for journeying with us on social media and through my blog and allowing me to document our time in America, the best way I can.

With much love and humility,

Jeanne-Marie and Kitty.