**New Class... {Held}Captive


I'm so excited to announce and share that I will be creating and hosting a new online class before the end of the year.  I haven't released anything this year yet and I can't believe we are heading into the last quarter already.  I have been spending a few months kitting out my studio space with new lighting and better set up for filming bigger than teabags. 

I'm so excited.

After teaching painting in America, I'm come home with a renewed excitement to paint and share more about my process in finding, capturing and communicating tender emotion in my work.  This class will be mostly about painting but there will also be a section about finding tender emotion in your clay and lens.  Follow the button below for more details.

I will be giving away 3 spaces to anyone who shares or signs up.

EarlyBird discount ends 1st October.

I have so much to share in the next week or so about what's going in my world... about my TinyBagsofLove Online Class being 1 year old and coming home to my website.  I'll be sharing more about me being involved with other collaborative classes next year.  During this week I will be sharing an extra bonus video for my ArtofHands Class and sharing about the most amazing new brush I've found.

And also a give way to celebrate TinyBagsofLove.

So much happening and so much to look forward to.

I hope you will join me for this next endeavour and adventure to continue learning and growing together.  Sending much love,

Jeanne-Marie xoxox