First time, in person teaching @ Saluda

On Sunday Jane organised a meet and greet at her studio in Saluda.  It was a cheese and wine and an answer and question session, open to anyone who wanted to meet me.  It really was a wonderful time.  The questions were great and I got to talk about my journey through the past few years of my art that lead me to my Teabag Exhibition.  I was nervous, I don't have the loudest voice so I had to use a lot of energy to speak up.

Kitty stood by my side and handed me water when I needed it, and I needed it a lot.  I am not that comfortable having everyone looking at me so having her beside me was rather anchoring.  And she was a lovely distraction too.

Kate Thompson and Phyllis Riley

Kate Thompson and Phyllis Riley

Thank you for capturing this Phyllis Riley

Thank you for capturing this Phyllis Riley

I love this capture so much

I love this capture so much

After this time, we did some teabag demonstrations and I did a painting session for some folk that got to stay behind and paint with me.  I met some new people and it was lovely.  We didn't have a lot of time and my paints were fighting with me.  The humidity level was high and the aircon was on and my paints felt like plastic goo so I was struggling.  Not easy when you are doing a demo.  I've always pretty much worked in the same climate so weather issues didn't even cross my mind.  Luckily I had my sweet friend Phyllis Riley standing right beside me the whole time and her gentle presence made me feel okay.

Thank you my friend, you will never know what that meant to me.

My nerves were edgy and my hands were shaky but everyone was so kind with me and helped me find some calm.  It was my first time doing something like this so the stress was to be expected.

Loved hanging with Kitty and Phyllis in between sessions @ Random Arts.

Thank you Random Arts, Jane and Phyllis for hosting me and for allowing this to be my first experience.


On the following Tuesday and Wednesday I taught SoulBearers and I was so excited to be sharing this class and I felt less intimidated by it.  And playing with clay is kind of nurturing for me, so I felt more encouraged that the shaky hands would be less of an issue and it was.  I only had a few moments when everyone gathered close around that my hands would take on a life of their own. :-)

I think being utterly in love with paper clay definitely helped.  I had no idea how I would respond to teaching in person, in this forum. I was either going to love it or hate it.  And I have to say I absolutely loved it.  

Most of all I loved the people and the soul connecting one on one during the lessons.  I learn as much from my peers as they did learning from me and each other and that to me was the most magical part of all of it.  

Demo number 2 - a seated SoulBearer

Demo number 2 - a seated SoulBearer

I'm so grateful for the incredible artists I got to meet and I feel I made such precious connections.  I will never forget this time.

Meeting these beautiful people in person was my biggest highlight to my trip in Saluda.  Everyone was truly amazing and blessed me in abundance.  Generosity and kindness was off the charts and I couldn't have hoped for more, it was beautiful in every way.


How beautiful are these girls.  I feel so blessed to have had these precious moments with all of them.


What an incredible bunch of souls.

My life has been deeply enriched by these incredible ladies - I know I'm a little changed after this experience.  And I know Kitty loved every minute of meeting you all.  To all of you who showed her how to play her Uke - it was a moment she will never forget.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.