Bye bye Chrissie, bye bye Encinitas...

I can't believe our time was up... I had 10 fabulous days with this incredible lady in beautiful Encinitas, San Diego.

It feels like we have known each other our whole lives.  From our circle time at Kara's both of us kept tearing up because we knew our goodbyes were coming.

Thank you for beautiful YOU.  I will never forget this time with you and yours.

Thank you Jim for sharing your Chrissie with us and thank you for giving us the time to do art for 10 days and thank you Kenzie for sharing your mom.

We miss you Reiner.


The laughing was all day long... beautiful girls for a PotLuck lunch.  Jennifer, Jeneve, KJ, Libbi, Cynthia, Erin and Chrissie.  Thank you for a precious time.

The goodness just didn't end.

Jim and Chrissie took us to the airport and the drop off was swift - it's all we could manage.  ByeBye Encinitas... next stop San Fransisco and Jackie.

~ Thank you ~