Finished SoulBearers... from Saluda

I met Terie Christmas in Saluda, Random Arts.  I loved connecting with new people and making new friends.  I loved seeing Terie's finished SoulBearers on Facebook.  Terie has combined her assemblage skills with paperclay and the outcome is truly remarkable.  Well done my friend.  She's gorgeous.  Can't wait to see what else you make and do with your combined skills.


Janet Hickey was another incredible artist I met in Saluda and her work was truly astounding and the work she does continues to blow me away.  She shared much with me and her tools were beautiful.    Thank you Janet for your friendship and generosity.  Your work takes my breath away.

Find Janet on Facebook and see her finished video of this incredible piece.  I couldn't get it to work here.  But her vision for her pieces are art in themselves, not to mention her skills.  Just once again showing me that there is no limit to what can be done with this medium.

I look forward to seeing other works completed from class.

Find Janet Hickey on Facebook - her work is gorgeous.

Find Janet Hickey on Facebook - her work is gorgeous.