Finishing this precious Soul... for a most precious soul...

I am so pleased I finished this SoulBearer that I had started in Jenny Doh's studio - Day 1 of SculptingPoetic.  I was hoping to finish her and leave her as a gift for Ivy.  She had spoilt me so much through my visit and I knew I wanted to leave her with something special from me.


I was feeling tired and knowing I wanted to leave her as a gift was making me feel pressured.  I had no idea what direction I was going to move in but she started leading me and I loved that so much.  It's my favourite way to work when it comes to my Soul Bearers.  Not only was I creating all day in Robin's Studio but I had her encouraging me all the way too.  Only right at the end did I "see" her and once I finally saw her, I was immediately in love.  When I am head down and pushing through, I don't always see it, only when I started to photograph her, did I "see" her.  I was excited to leave her for Ivy but nervous too. 



I used a limited palette which I totally loved in the end.

Sending you with so much love, sweet SoulBearer.