Hello SanDiego... Hello Beautiful Chrissie

I have no words to express how excited I was to be meeting my sweet Chrissie friend.  I was literally giddy.  Kitty kept asking me what was wrong with me.  Hahaha, I was just so a precious moment for me.  Jim and Chrissie collected us from the airport and we arrived back at Chrissie's home in the dark, settled in and all had supper together with her beautiful family.  We sat chatting into the night, it was delightful.  I immediately felt at home and like we had known each other forever.  I loved Chrissie's family and I loved that we got to hang with her daughter, McKenzie too.  There was an ease that flowed and I loved it all.  What a treat to just slot in to their everyday life and move through the days and the moments together.

We had a full schedule heading up to Santa Ana several times and I was so grateful to Chrissie for charting us backwards and forwards and arranging as much as she did for us.  She was truly remarkable.

Beautiful Encinitas, San Diego

Beautiful Encinitas, San Diego

We had a gentle Friday at home, getting my packs ready for my weekend class @ Jenny's.  We took a beautiful walk to Downtown Encinitas for views and tacos.  In the afternoon we popped over the Chrissie's neighbour who was also South African and we had a lovely visit.

So San Diego / California felt more like Cape Town to me, the climate and foods were more similar and of course, the laid-back coastal vibe.  It felt good.   We were still getting to bed early because the days were so full of new things and full of adventure and the stress of traveling too.  We had been in the States for almost 10 days, our clocks were finally resetting, albeit East Coast time it was still easier than being on South African time.  That being said, I was still waking up all hours of the night, to chat to Digz and Corks and wide awake at 3am (North Carolina timezone).  The nice thing about that is that I got to have a lovely chat with Phyllis each morning.

We were missing her and Daisy a lot and Bob too.