Home based were my best days...

Our schedule was so full between Encinitas and Santa Ana so when we got moments back at home, they were slow and precious. They were some of my favourite days of all.  I loved waking up slowly and sitting with Chrissie with our coffee and catching up on social media and chatting with each other.  Reiner was always by our sides and I loved the gentleness of these moments.

I was so grateful to have them and so grateful to have this precious time with my friend.


We walked to downtown Encinitas to Swamis to get Digby some Swamis Tees and Kitty wanted to do some thrift shopping.  Other times we drove to the art shop, passed Rob Macho's home and went to see different beaches.  We loved it all.

We loved being tourists.  I know how much Digz and Corks would have loved this.

Kitty thrifting with Pikachu

Kitty thrifting with Pikachu

Awesome sushi and saki

Awesome sushi and saki

Crack Shack - Real Fried Chicken with the best fries in the world.

Crack Shack - Real Fried Chicken with the best fries in the world.


Chrissie told us it was the Summer of Love anniversary and being in California and finding this jacket felt like synchronicity at it's finest.  Great thrift find Kitty.


I touched the Pacific Ocean and picked up a pebble keepsakes.  It's in my studio.


Visiting Swamis and Kitty ordering her first Starbucks treat... oh the choices.

4th July in America in an American home was a special moment for us.  Thank you Chrissie, Jim, Kenzie and Will for allowing us to slot into your day and being part of your festivities.


We had a beautiful time with Chrissie's family and in their home.  I loved her studio and I spent time working there one evening.  I loved their togetherness as a family.  I am so grateful to have experienced everyday 'life' with them.  To me this was the greatest honour of all and it is everything I hope of my trip to the USA.

I wanted to soul connect with everyone I was staying with and so far being in Phyllis and Chrissie's homes, this is exactly what I was getting and nothing made my heart fuller.

Thank you for allowing us to slot in, to see and feel your life.  There is so much grace and humility in doing that and receiving that was beyond precious to me.  Humbled by this gesture.