Home James and don't spare those horses...

There is something soooo precious about traveling and experiencing new places, people and different worlds.  But there is something equally as precious about going home and we were ready.  Our hearts were full and goodbyes were hard but we were ready too.  We arrived in Washington DC with just 10 minutes to board our next 15 hour long flight home.  We made our flight but it was around 24 hours before anyone at home had heard from us because I didn't have a gap to let anyone know we were on our next flight.  Out of my whole trip, this was my worst flight.


A little while after take off when they were serving dinner, we hit the worst turbulence I've ever experienced and the longest.  I wasn't happy.  We continued through our first 7 hours of the flight in utter silence with the seat belts on most of the way.  There was no walking or standing around and no coffee served.  We stopped in Dakar, West Africa for an hour in the morning for refuelling and restocking before we embarked on the next 7 hour leg to Johannesburg.  For the first time ever, I took out my moleskin journal and I started drawing, the distraction helped me home.

We arrived in Johannesburg fatigued with motion sickness and pretty much anxious to finish the final 5 hours... 3 hour layover and 2 hour flight.  I slept most of this final flight home.  I had had enough.

Getting home to Digz and Courteney felt so precious.  We sat on the bed, all of us, including our Daxies, Riley and Sandy until 1am unpacking treats, pics and MilkDuds and sharing stories.  I slept through, much to my amazement and woke up normal time and poor Kitty slept until 2pm the next day until I forced her to get up.

It was good to be home.