Sneaking away... stealing quiet...

I quietly snuck away in the first week of September to go on an art retreat, just for myself and just for my own personal time and growth.  I didn't share too much about it online because it felt like sacred ground for me and I felt I needed to hold that close to my chest for a bit, that mixed in with struggling with my own worthiness of such a trip and a bit of shame I was carrying with that.

That has been something I've been working through this year.  I'll share more about it soon.


I have to tell you that stealing quiet away in Orvieto, Italy is always exceptionally healing for me and the longterm affect it has on me is something I tap into for a year or two to come.  I needed to hold that, feel it and allow it to minister to my soul.

What I didn't expect is how perfectly timed this trip was, because my {Held}Captive class was so big on my heart.  It honestly felt like I was on a field trip and having my heart and mind open to everything I was experiencing and feeling, feels like I've come home with so much for my new class and I'm beyond excited to share this with you.

For now I'm home and unpacking and catching up because come this weekend, I'm back to head down with my filming, editing and creating schedule.

Can't wait to share more of my journey with you, Love Jeanne-Marie